How to Fight Cravings and Jump Start Fat Loss

Posted by on Friday, December 23rd, 2016 in Blog

I would like to take this time to talk about FOOD CRAVINGS
We all battle them.
I know this because this is one of the number one questions i get asked quite often.
Are your cravings setting you back from your health and fitness goals?
Your will power will only last so long, and at some point, you WILL give in.


No matter what your current fitness level is, if it relies on will power, you are setting yourself up for FAILURE!
You could be on a nice vacation.
French toast at the breakfast buffet?
You might have been able to hold back from those.
Chips while you sit by the pool or on the beach?
OK you’re doing good on your “willpower”- you don’t like chips anyway, I get it.
Then here come the evening – and you and up going to a nice Italian or pizza restaurant.

And oh man, this is when you notice all of your cravings you were fighting off intensifying and you end up saying “screw it!” and dig in, and you don’t just dig in you eat more then you have eaten before, completely forgetting about your dreams and desires for a beautiful healthy body.
Suddenly, you realize that your whole week of training went to a down the drain over one night of indulging.