Amp Up Your Workout With Hypertrophy Training!

Posted by on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 in Blog

Hypertrophy is a training method designed to increase the size of skeletal muscle. Its effectiveness is based on the physiological principles of growing the size of its component cells. Scientifically, the two main factors are to hypertrophy include the increase of muscle glycogen storage (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) and the increase of myofibril size (myofibrillar hypertrophy).

To put things in simpler terms, you should realize these three rules:

1. If you follow the principles of hypertrophy, you will most likely see results because muscle-building is a science.
2. Hereditary plays a factor, so it is unfair to compare your progress to somebody else. Even if you two follow the same program to a tee, you will experience different results.
3. Continue to research new studies because science is an on-going thing. Expand your knowledge of ways to learn and improve your daily workout routine.

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